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2 May

Question Everything. Seriously. Go for it.

Question everything. Seriously.We know you've got questions. Good ones. That's why you watch us, right?

Well, starting tonight, we're gonna answer one of your questions on-air every night at 9. If you want to ask Science something- anything- fire a question our way. Or two. Or ten. We'll select one and answer back in prime time. We're taking this whole interactive thing to the next level, baby.

Maybe you're curious about how formaldehyde exposure effects male fertility (it doesn't look good). Maybe you want to know when Wormhole is back (not soon enough). Maybe you're wondering what Science is up to this Friday after work (why, you wanna do something?). We'll pick the day's best query and reply in person. Short and sweet is more likely to get answered than long and rambling, so be direct!

Ask via Facebook (Science Channel) or Twitter (@ScienceChannel / #questioneverything). Then tune in starting tonight and see if your question got picked.

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