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27 Apr

Inside the SCIENCE Team Onsite/Offsite...with Elvis?!?

SCIENCE Team HoodiesAhhh, company team building. It's likely that most of you have endured this corporate tradition at least once. But you probably haven't seen one quite like this. I certainly hadn't...until yesterday.

People say that a team's culture begins at the top. Nowhere is that more true than SCIENCE. Debbie Myers, our GM and "Chief Thought Provacateur" is consumed with the idea of creativity that's off the beaten path. And that dedication to pushing the boundaries of normal has wiggled its way into the brains of her entire team. That makes for some incredible brainstorms - not to mention fantastic apparel (see photo for our awesome team hoodies!).

The goal of the day - the entire day just about - was to share ideas about big questions SCIENCE should be asking and imagining how we could ask them. I can't divulge any specifics quite yet. But rest assured, dear reader, that you fans out there are in for a rollercoaster once these ideas are ready see the light of day. Anything and everything - the future, the past, the light, the dark, the everyday useful, the once in a lifetime, and even the downright nuts - is on the table. Nothing is off limits.

So, after an amazing eight hours of great ideas, Debbie announced that we had a special guest coming in to wrap up the day. Who could it be? People were whispering back and forth. Is it Morgan Freeman? Maybe John Noble? Or David Zazlav possibly? Oh no, no, no. It was something nobody saw coming. It was Executive Assistant, Tiernan Madorno...dressed like Elvis?!? 

Check our girl out - she gave the performance of a lifetime! Only with this team of odd ducks would this ever happen in the office...I love it.  


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