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28 Apr

From GM Debbie Myers: Welcome to the SCIENCE Online Think Tank

SCIENCE Retreat - Everyone Checks Out Teammates' Ideas on the Homework Board (yep, we had homework)Greetings, InSCIders.

We just wrapped up our annual Science Offsite/Onsite Its one of my favorite things we do all year. For two days we gather the teams from programming, development, marketing, press, business, social and digital to think about the next big goals and ideas for the network. There were forty of us and we include everyone. All ideas for genres, shows, partnerships, topics and people we would like to see on the network go up on the wall (see photo) and we narrow it down from there and start digging in to create the shows and specials you'll be seeing in the future. Some genre bending ideas came out of this workshop that we hope you will like.

I'd love to try an experiment and take this one step further. Welcome to our Onsite/Offsite/ Online think tank. Join us and let me know what the questions are you'd like us to tackle? Who do you want to see on air? What topics or genres should we add. What's the interactive experience you want?

Thanks everyone. Keep the feedback coming!

PS. We call it the Offsite/Onsite because instead of a fancy retreat, we locked ourselves away in a room on the tenth floor of the Discovery Building and made it feel like we were out of the office. Good times but without the swimming pool.

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