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11 Apr

Dark McNugget with John Noble

John Noble and Carly RoszkowskiIf you've seen and heard John Noble on SCIENCE's hit show Dark Matters, or as Walter on Fox's Fringe, you might think that he's as creepy and scary as his voice makes him out to be. On the contrary. Mr. Noble is a soft-spoken Aussie, who's accent accurately pegs him as a country boy from southern Australia. He's a hard working family man, who is professional, a perfectionist, and a pleasure to be around.

Prior to working with Mr. Noble at this year's Ad Sales Upfront last week, I never had the privilege of working with A-list talent. He shattered all of the stereotypes of them being high maintenance and unkind. I got to see the real John Noble, and I now am not only a fan of his work, but a fan of him personally.

Oh, and just for the record, he wasn't eating a chicken mcnugget. It was actually just a granola bar.

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