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26 Mar

Bridging the Gap: Science Speaking Through Art!

A frame from Kevin Temmer's original animated short, "Prepare for the Science Fair."

For most high school students, a final project before graduation is a time of leisure; a time when the mere whisper of a final requirement sends even the most previously dedicated students into a warm, fuzzy hiding of denial, half-heartedness, and procrastination. But, for Kevin Temmer, the opportunity to perform one last amazing feat would be the bucket of ice water on the napping brow of, not only his fellow peers, but, the realm of young academic accessibility. The International Baccalaureate program at Florida's Land O' Lakes High School demanded that a Creative Action Service be the final work for any hopeful graduate. And, for Kevin, it was an opportunity for his artistic passions to productively embrace his scientific prowess. Spending over 50 hours on creation, which included: writing, animating, editing, and voicing a 15 minute short video on the necessary steps in a successful Science Fair Project, Kevin had created something worth recognition. Not only was his work spread throughout the school and its faculty, it also earned a spot as a feature on the NASA website.

"Prepare for the Science Fair"

Original Animated Short by Kevin Temmer

That's just one more amazing way to keep science accessible in a variety of forms. Good work Kevin!

Visit Kevin's website to view more of his animated shorts and get the latest news on his great work.

All artwork copyright Kevin Temmer.

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