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12 Mar

A Meeting of the Cosmos

Nick Sagan and Frank DrakeWhen producing a compelling show you always hope that somehow your editorial mission may have a positive impact on someone's life. In this case that someone is two noteworthy individuals: Frank Drake and his godson, Nick Sagan.

Until we arranged for them to meet during one of our shoots for Alien Encounters, they hadn't seen each other since Nick was a young boy.

It was a historical meeting of two people who years ago were connected by the visionary work of Nick's late father, Carl Sagan, who inspired Drake and others to pursue the search for intelligent life in the universe. As they talked over lunch, Frank kept marveling at the ways in which Nick reminds him of his father. The two couldn't stop grinning.

Check out the video below for a glimpse at these two together. Video: Nick Sagan & Frank Drake Reunite

It really was a rare glimpse at an exceptional moment.

Katie Pyne
Associate Producer

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