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11 Feb

Antique Erotica and Coffins: Into the Obscura Basement

Obscura Sculpture CREDIT - AMY ENCHELMEYERLast week I had the opportunity to stop by Obscura as the cast of "Oddites" Mike, Evan and Ryan — tackled the very arduous, dangerous, and somewhat smelly task of moving their very unique shop goods from their old location to their new location.

In case you haven't heard, the famously small store is moving just around the corner to a bigger, better space (fittingly, it was a former funeral home). It's an arduous task because it's taken them a lot of time and care — you can't just toss priceless elongated skulls into a cardboard box and hope that marking it "FRAGILE" will get it there in one piece. It's dangerous, because, well, see the video of the basement. And it's smelly — perhaps only to an outsider like me — because there's the occasional waft of formaldehyde from all the preserved organs, pigs and whatsits.

Despite these (rather minor) perils, we wanted to make sure the fans got an inside look — one that will NEVER appear on-air. I'll be bringing you more behind-the-scenes photos and videos soon (so stay tuned!), but I wanted to give you this brief glimpse into the basement of Obscura.

I'll also add that our publicist Joanne (affectionately called JoJo by us InSCIders) was too afraid to enter the depths of the Obscura underground. To my dismay, it wasn't as particularly creepy as I had hoped. But then again, it was daytime and I wasn't down there alone, as you'll see in the video.

Obscura Antique Porn and Basement Perils CREDIT - AMY ENCHELMEYERSo what DO the Oddities folks keep in basement besides spare coffins? Well, on this tour, Mike showed me some of the items that are too controversial to make it upstairs. These include other unmentionables in jars and antique erotica.

There are also a number of odds and ends, but Oddities-style, of course: a lonesome (doe?) ear that's lost its taxidermy head, a funerary bust of a priest, etc.

Want more behind the scenes of the Obscura move? Check out our Facebook page photo album here.

Amy Enchelmeyer
Social Media Strategist

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