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What Did Parker Say to Silence Todd?


In this amazing clip from Gold Rush: Face Off starting tonight at 7/6c Todd and Parker prove they are coming at this season from two different places, in fact they had so much to say they couldn't stop talking over each other, each trying to make their point.

Like the rest of us, you'll be shocked at what Parker says that stuns Todd into silence. You've got to see this play out - and stay tuned for an all new episode of Gold Rush as well!


A Clue About Todd and Parker's Feud


Wondering where the root of the Gold Rush Face Off between Todd and Parker came from? How could these two guys dislike each other - they are half a world apart. We'll not so via social media - the Web brings everyone together. Good or bad. Here's what went down last week via Twitter during the show. It gave us a big clue something was lurking under the surface between these two:

@goldrushtodd still has me blocked. Cant handle the heat #GoldRush

— Parker Schnabel (@goldrush_parker) October 26, 2013

I'm trying to keep my tweets positive this year so I blocked Parker.

— Todd Hoffman (@goldrushtodd) October 26, 2013
Oh snap! Well, you'll have to tune in this Friday as Gold Rush: Face Off kicks off at 7/8c followed by a premiere of Gold Rush. You'll have to keep glued to the screen as word on the street is that we might be serving up a little extra Gold Rush so keep track of those refrigerator and bathroom breaks so you don't miss a minute of the throw down between Todd and Parker.

Gold Rush Is Back and Controversy Leads to a Face-Off


This Friday night we will be attempting our first ever Gold Rush Face-Off. Following last week's two hour premiere, I will be addressing the hottest viewer questions out there with Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel. The kicker is that I will be doing it from my office at Discovery Channel.

There were tons of folks out there criticizing Todd for being unprepared for the jungle and others that think Parker has arrived in the Klondike with a silver spoon. We have busted down the walls of my office to shoot material to be wrapped into this Friday Night.

I will get your burning Gold Rush questions answered and I will get to the bottom of the brewing Todd & Parker war. 


Editor's Note: This is serious business Gold Rush fans. Christo very rarely closes his office doors anyway, so the fact that he's actually having his doors and windows removed for the Gold Rush Face-Off is just another sign he's gearing up for what may be soon be the event we won't be able to stop talking about. We'll keep you posted right here from Discovery headquarters as the story builds!

Gold Rush airs this Friday starting with a special Gold Rush: Pay Dirt at 7/6c, and a premiere of Gold Rush at 9/8c. I hope you all won't miss it so we can talk about it next week.

Here's a look at the Christo's digs with no doors, snapped as I was rolling past his office at high speed to bring you the story. Cheers! Eileen M.



Yes, You'll See Plenty of Parker


Gold-rush-tonyparker-300x300We really do read your tweets and Facebook posts! It sounds like some of you are afraid you won't see much Parker and the other miners during Gold Rush South America and in Gold Rush Season Four. Don't worry - you'll see plenty of Parker, Dustin, Fred and more. Then there's Tony Beets. You'll be seeing more of him and getting an earful of his unique wisdom as well.

Here's a shot of Parker and Tony at work to prove it. Plus, Parker gave us a few reminders that he's a little busy while tweeting during Friday's show. Parker, your fans are waiting (and Tony - you've got a few fans as well!)





Sneak Peek: Parker and his Mom Talk on Tomorrow's Dirt!


This just in! Some clips from tomorrow night's episode of The Dirt at 8|7p. Christo talks to Parker and his Mom about what lies ahead this season.  We'll let them do the talking!:


Plus - don't forget to vote for your favorite clip from last season. We took the eight most popular clips from last season and we've put them together in a video vote because we really do like to know what you think.

You've taken us up to the final week and now it's The Night Shift vs. The Old Mine. Relive the moments and weigh in on your favorites; you still have a week to go in the Video Vote Showdown!

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