What's In Freddy Dodge's Mysterious Backpack?


For most of the Hoffman Crew's travels in South America we've see Freddy Dodge carrying a black backpack through every situation. He has it riding horseback up the Peruvian mountains. He's got it on the beach in Chile. Every POSSIBLE muddy situation in Guyana? Check. Freddy has that backpack.

Watching him with the backpack we realized that it was seemingly bottomless and he could pull anything from a GPS to a mini-sluice box out of there. Is it just us or do you wonder what else is in that thing? We had to ask Freddy just what was in there.

True to his good nature, not only did he tell us what was in there he decided to show us in a series of short videos taken with his iPhone. You have to watch - it's like watching a magician - he just keeps pulling this out of it and explaining to us what they are for.

We've got the first three videos for you here now and we'll be posting the final three after The Dirt airs on Friday at 8/7c. Yes. That's right - though the videos are short, it take six whole videos to cover all of Freddy's gear.

Thanks for sharing with us Freddy!



Don't forget to come back after The Dirt on Friday at 8/7c - there's still more coming out of that backback!

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