Gold Rush: South America is Coming August 2 at 9|8c!


Gold-Rush-South-America-falls-300x300O.K. Gold Rush fans. We know you’ve being going through a drought. What’s been happening with your favorite miners? Here’s the scoop: the crew leaders Todd, Dakota Fred and Parker are making some incredibly big changes as we head into the next season of Gold Rush in the fall.

How big? Big enough that we’re bringing you a special series of episodes called Gold Rush: South America starting on Friday, August 2 at 9|8c. You saw that right – Gold Rush is in South America! Don’t worry; as usual Executive Producer Christo Doyle will recap Season Three and prep us for what’s to come in The Dirt airing on Friday, August 2 at 8|7c.

We’ve set up The Gold Rush Blog as part of The Gold Rush fansite to specifically to give you as much advance info and behind the scenes information as we can about Gold Rush: South America, and the upcoming season of Gold Rush. So, we’ll answer one of your questions right now – why South America? 

Well, the Hoffman Crew had a record season – more than a million dollars mined last season. But there was a lot of broken equipment, frayed nerves and near misses in the process. So Todd and Jack Hoffman, Dave Turn and the rest of the Hoffman crew are making a gamble and turning their backs on the Klondike and headed on a hunt for the gold rich ground down South. WAY down South – like Chile, Peru and Guyana. That’s a journey that isn’t for the faint of heart, because as you can imagine, the challenges of South America are vastly different than the Klondike. None of us here at Discovery would describe the Hoffman Crew as “faint of heart” but this search for gold will challenge this determined team.

Of course we didn’t forget Parker Schnabel or Dakota Fred and their crews. There are some epic changes for these guys as well back in the Klondike that amp up the stakes up North. What changes? Well, that’s why we’re here with the Gold Rush Blog. As Gold Rush: South America tees up Season Four of Gold rush we’ll be keeping you updated with insider posts from the cast, crew and the legions of people here at Discovery that consider bringing you Gold Rush a labor of love.

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