Can a Trip to the Dentist Save You Thousands of Dollars?


It has been my experience that many patients get concerned thinking about going to the dentist.  Who can blame them?  The office is full of sharp objects, the tastes are bad, and you experience pain in the mouth and in the wallet.  Luckily the costs associated with going to the dentist are in your control.

  MoneyHere are four ways to save money going to the dentist:

  1. Brushing your mouth 6-8 times per day – remember to brush after every snack, drink or meal (other than water).  Brushing twice a day is not good enough.  Harmful bacteria grow rapidly -- at a rate of 20 billion per hour.  Also, remember to brush your entire mouth, not just your teeth.
  2. Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash to prevent disease.  Brushing alone does not get rid of all harmful bacteria and acids that cause dental diseases.  Rinsing with mouthwash gets into all the small crevices to keep your mouth healthier.
  3. Floss between all teeth 2 -3 times per day.  The most advantageous times to floss are after breakfast and after your last meal.  Removing food debris and plaque can help to prevent cavities and periodontal disease.
  4. Rinse with water for seven seconds.  When it is not practical to brush your mouth, whether you're in a class or meeting or commuting – it may be practical to rinse your mouth with water.  Rinsing helps to stop harmful acids from damaging your teeth, gums and bones.  Rinse for seven seconds.

The prevention of oral diseases such as cavities and gum disease (periodontal disease) are within your grasp.  Patients that have followed these suggestions have less chance of cavities and gum disease.  This prevention helps to avoid the need for expensive dental procedures such as: fillings, veneers, crowns, fixed bridges, extractions, removable dentures or dental implants.  And…it can reduce the pain to your mouth, and your wallet! I hope you find this information useful in keeping your mouth healthier. All the best in health!

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Dr. Joe Kravitz is a dental expert who specializes in fixing people’s mouths with fillings, inlays, crowns, veneers, dentures and implants. He is on a quest to get people to think about oral health.









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