U.S. Ranked #1 for Plastic Surgery


Photo Credit: UK Ministry of DefenceBefore the advent of plastic surgery, you had to live with the hand genetics dealt you, but now it seems easier than ever to pay for Angelina Jolie's lips, Kate Middleton's nose and other enviable celebrity body parts (and people around the world are taking advantage of it!).

Want to get a nose job? Some lipo? Well then you’ve come to the right country.

A recent analysis by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ranked the U.S. as the number one country for plastic surgery. With more than 14.7 million procedures occuring each year, the U.S. was responsible for more than 3.1 million of them.

Brazil came in second, followed by China, for the title of most plastic surgeries.

Though America "won" based on sheer numbers, it appears that South Korea, Greece and Italy may be pricked, peeled, and patched up more often. When accounting for the size of the population, these countries have more surgeries per person.

The analysis questioned 996 surgeons around the world and included 6.3 million surgeries and 8.3 million non-surgical procedures (including Botox, laser hair removal and chemical peels), all of which were performed in the year 2011.

And, it seems that different countries favor different procedures. While breast augmentations and lifts are popular in the U.S., butt augmentations are most common in Brazil and China, Japan and South Korea account for the majority of rhinoplasties.

If nothing else, the amount of plastic surgery in the U.S. is shown by the number of plastic surgeons in business – roughly 5,950. Compare that to Canada’s mere 425 or the U.K.’s 450. Brazil is more in line with the U.S. with 5,024 surgeons, while China has about 2000.

By: Jennifer Wolfe

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