10 Ways to Land Yourself in a New York E.R.


Our new show NY ER chornicles the crazy and chaotic lives of the nurses and doctors in New York City's busiest E.R.s.

The show is drama-filled, and we wanted to see just how crazy the Big Apple's hospitals really are. See what we found:

Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of hospital visits for New Yorkers, and over 130,000 New Yorkers are sent to the hospital each year as a result of these unintentional injuries. They're also the top killer of New Yorkers ages one to 34 years old each year! Between 2000 and 2006, the death toll increased because of unintentional injuries ALONE by 10 percent [Source: NY State Department of Health].

These numbers are being compared to suicide, homicide and other leading causes of death. But for now let’s take a look at the leading causes of unintentional accidents in the State of New York.

Here is a list of the leading causes of unintentional, nonfatal (we’re trying to stay positive here) injuries treated in hospital emergency departments in 2011 [Source: CDC].

It is important to be careful of your surroundings

1. Unintentional Fall

This is obviously more common in New Yorkers of a certain age (aka those in their golden years) but it’s always possible to take a nasty fall and land yourself in the E.R. So be careful, and look where you’re walking!

2. Unintentional Struck By/Against

Hmm…pretty fishy. No I’m just kidding, be careful folks!

3. Unintentional Overexertion

Again, be careful and know your limit…especially if you’re out of shape or getting older ;)

4. Unintentional Motor Vehicle Accident

This typically proves dangerous to the passenger or “occupant” and ranges throughout all different types of transportation. On average, four New Yorkers die daily in a traffic-related crash.

So don't be one of those New York drivers, OK?

iStockphoto5. Unintentional Cut/Pierce

It’s always important to keep sharp or dangerous objects out of reach of small children and to monitor their use.

6. Assault

This one is pretty self-explanatory. But to learn more about protecting yourself, try taking a class in self-defense. This is especially important for women.

7. Unintentional Other

8. Unintentional Bite/Sting

For those of you who are allergic – carry an EpiPen or other necessary gear and be conscious of your surroundings. It’s important to be self-aware when you have a life-threatening allergy.

Also, consider the idea that you may have an allergy that you are unaware of and don’t be embarrassed to seek medical attention immediately in the event of unusual and potentially dangerous symptoms.

9. Unintentional Poisoning

These numbers pop with young children ages one to four and young people ages 25 to 44. Be cautious about leaving poisonous chemicals in reach of children. And for you older people – don’t get too confident about experimenting with questionable drugs and household chemicals.

10. Unintentional/Unknown/Unspecified

The bottom line here: Injury is a part of life, but if you can prevent it,all the better! Be smart and exercise safety at all times. But don't live in fear -- freak accidents are usually out of your control.

To learn more about common injuries that can land you in the E.R. – in particular a New York E.R. room (with lots of funny accents and attitudes!) be sure to tune in to NY ER Saturday nights at 10pm!

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