Could Jessica Simpson's Second Pregnancy Pose Health Risks?


Jessica Simpson, who recently signed on as the new Weight Watchers spokeswoman, but she may be facing her bigget diet hurdle yet. Us Magazine claims she is pregnant with baby number 2, and Simpson is not denying the allegations.

George Pimentel/Getty Images
George Pimentel/Getty Images

Simpson signed on to lose her baby weight from her firstborn girl, Maxwell, who was born just a few short months ago on May 1st. Simpson reportedly gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy with Maxwell and signed up to be Weight Watchers spokesperson to lose her baby weight and make some money while she was at it.

Simpson had already lost 60 of her 70 pound weight gain and recently shot a Weight Watchers commercial as early as two weeks ago.

Simpson’s unconfirmed news has many Weight Watchers and Simpson fans asking: What will happen with the contract?

An anonymous celebrity manager reported to E! Online that contracts like this one usually have a pregnancy clause. The anonymous expert suggested that there may be a clause to temporarily suspend the contract until after the birth of the singer/actress’s second child. Regardless, the expert seemed extremely doubtful that the contract does not account for pregnancy.

Weight Watchers has yet to comment on future plans with Ms. Simpson.

What are the dangers of having two children so close together?

Simpson’s news brings up another health-related question that isn’t quite as abuzz in the media. What are the health risks associated with getting pregnant with two children in less than 12 months. According to Healthy Living studies on having children so close together indicate that conceiving only 12 months [or less] after giving birth to a first child significantly elevates (up to three times more!) the risk of the second child having autism.

Experts recommend waiting up to 36 months before conceiving a second child and say anything under this recommendation is risky. Having a child within 18 months or giving birth to your first child increases the risk of low birth weight, smaller babies and preterm births.

What does this mean for Simpson?

As of right now Simpson isn’t denying her pregnancy but she hasn’t admitted it outright. We will have to wait and see what her reaction to the media is and what she and Weight Watchers negotiate.

By: Jen Wolfe

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