Is Movember Making a Financial Impact?


This November, or “Movember” as the month has been appropriately renamed, is becoming about a little something other than turkey, football and family. Movember – mustache November – is about prostate cancer awareness, and the furry little accessories that come along with it are spreading like wildfire.
Join in on the fun -- and support a great cause!

Despite the popularity of this fun and goofy way to spread awareness – which we wholeheartedly indulge in and support – there is the question of impact. A recent article stated that though Movember has become wildly popular among young people and even certain celebrities, it doesn’t appear to be raising any additional money for prostate cancer as compared to previous years.

A similar critique of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which takes place every October, has been voiced. Many feel that the notorious pink ribbon used to symbolize breast cancer awareness has become more of a marketing ploy to make big businesses money than a true cause to raise money.

Many are willing to get behind the cause, but a select few of those individuals are willing to donate actual money. Times are tough and not everyone can afford to contribute to every cause, of course, and by no means is choosing to grow a mustache the same as spending thousands of dollars on a pink campaign to support breast cancer. The real issue is setting realistic expectations for victims, survivors and their loved ones and supporters, and helping researchers get the funding needed to get that much closer to finding a cure.

So, if you can afford it, try giving a little extra this month besides that itchy upper lip accessory, and donate what you can to the cause. It’s a beautiful thing when education, research and fun can all blend together – and an even better thing if we can raise some money while making it happen.

So, are you participating in Movember this year?

By: Jen Wolfe

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