Federal Government to Cigarette Companies: "Fess Up!"


Cigarettes kill an average of 1,200 Americans every day.

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the U.S.

Secondhand smoke kills roughly 3,000 people, per year, in the United States. These people are non-smokers who are exposed to the chemicals and toxins in smoke.

Photo Credit: Ryan Racca
Photo Credit: Ryan Racca

Most smokers don’t consider these facts when they light up a cigarette. The reality is -- cigarette marketing is designed to evade these questions and sell an image of cigarettes as sexy and sophisticated.

But federal judge Gladys Kessler said “no more!” to big tobacco companies Philip Morris, Reynolds and Lorillard on Tuesday, November 27. Kessler’s policy, currently under review, punishes the big three for skirting racketeering laws and forces them to list a whole slew of truthful and negative information about cigarette smoking’s impact on the body.

Kessler said of her decision that: “By ensuring that consumers know that [tobacco companies] have misled the public in the past on the issue of secondhand smoke in addition to putting forth the fact that a scientific consensus on this subject exists, defendants will be less likely to attempt to argue in the future that such a consensus does not exist.”

Kessler wants the ads to stay up on various mediums for two years, and as of right now, the print would read “the truth is…” followed by facts and information that inform the public about smoking related health issues.

Are you a smoker? What are your thoughts! Share with us what you think about regulating tobacco companies in the U.S.

By: Jen Wolfe

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