A Drug that Makes Monogamous Men More Monogamous?


Scientists have recently discovered that the hormone oxytocin, also known as the "cuddling hormone," may be helpful in preventing men with a wandering eye from, well, wandering.

The hormone operates by inducing feelings of trust and bonding, making a man in a monogamous relationship likely to feel more loyal to his female counterpart. In tests, the men in serious relationships who sniffed the hormone maintained an additional 6.5 inches away from the beautiful woman in the room with them – or even just her photo – as compared to the men who did not ingest the hormone.

How far would you go to get your bird in line?

So what we wanted to know was what else would you want to see changed by a tiny miracle drug? Here’s what we thought up – tell us which you’d prefer and submit some of your own!

  • A drug that makes your husband enjoy cleaning the house
  • A drug that makes your husband excited about being your new personal chef!
  • A drug that keeps your husband from snoring
  • A drug that makes your boyfriend tell you that you look pretty – every day!
  • A drug that, while simultaneously making your boyfriend want to give you a back massage, has him say things like “You know, Babe, you were right about that fight we had last night. I’m sorry I ever second-guessed you.”
  • A drug that makes your husband get along with your parents (or better yet – a drug that helps you get along with your in-laws)
  • A drug that makes your boyfriend excited about that awesome chick flick you’ve been dying to see
  • A drug that has your boyfriend saying: “You know what, I’m skipping Sunday game day with the boys. What I really want to do is sit around and talk with you and the girls”

Think about it, if you could inch your husband in your “right direction” with a common hormone, would you? To read more about the study click here. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

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