16 Percent of Calories Comes from Alcohol


Want a quick way to lose weight? Cut out the booze.

According to a new study, 16 percent of Americans’ calories come from alcoholic beverages. That breaks down to roughly 100 calories per day. Men drink a little more, at 150 calories per day, with women hovering around 50 calories. Thinkstock

Many people suggest dropping soda and other sugary drinks as a means to lose weight, but what about alcohol?

It is man’s best quick-fix -- after a long day at work, getting ready to go out or even just enjoying a glass of wine with dinner. But 100 calories per day is an additional 700 calories per week (and we could probably round up for drinkers when it comes to the weekend).

How can I cut back?

Similar to “meatless Mondays” try not drinking during the week, say, Monday through Thursday, or if you’re really ambitious, Sunday through Thursday.

Increase the amount of water you drink and try to have a glass of water before you automatically reach for the pint. This way, you’ll be too full to have a drink.

Try exercising when you’re stressed instead of automatically going to a happy hour. The highest caloric intake occurs with men ages 20 to 39, likely guys who want to have fun and relax after a long work day and find themselves outside on a patio with the boys sipping on a drink. Be aware of this and try to plan your day accordingly – bring your gym clothes to work, or wake up a little early to workout. Tell yourself ahead of time that “I will not have a drink today.” It may sound extreme, but your waistline with thank you for it.

It’s OK to Indulge Once in a While

While your physical health is of course important, be mindful of your mental health as well. Hanging out and socializing with your friends is also an extremely valuable way to spend your day, so be sure to let yourself cheat once in a while – and be OK with it.

Oh, and one more thing, definitely don’t do this or this. When you drink, keep it in moderation.

By: Jen Wolfe

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