25 Things You Didn't Know About Mommy


MommyIt's less than 2 weeks away -- Mommy's Birthday Bash -- where you'll see the out-of-control and over-the-top surprise party we throw to celebrate Mommy's 60th Birthday and the elaborate cupcake creation that we make to celebrate her!  

Did we surprise her? Oh, yes! You'll see how it all unfolds! Until then, to get to know Mommy a little better, we wanted to share some fun facts about her that you probably didn't know...

1.  She was born in Proti, a tiny village in the mountains of Greece.

2.  She only writes in ALL CAPS.  

3.  She has a hidden talent for making the best pancakes ever!

4.  Her favorite band of all time is The Beatles.

5.  Her favorite food is hot dogs.

6.  She asks us both of us when we are going to have a baby, at least once a day.

7.  She hates hash browns with a passion and will not eat potatoes in the morning.

8.  She has a knack for making beautiful fondant flowers.

9.  She is addicted to the game “Free Cell” on her computer.

10.  Her name is “Elaine,” but everyone calls her “Mommy” -- except our dad, whose nickname for her is “Leni.”

11.  She never sets an alarm clock -– she automatically wakes up at the crack of dawn every day!

12.  She loves to sit at the back of the shop and watch the security cameras all day to make sure everyone is working hard.

13.  Her favorite Georgetown Cupcake flavor is Lemon Blueberry.

14.  Her favorite method of cooking food is frying.

15.  She is very superstitious.

16.  She loves going on long walks along the Potomac River with our dog, Poochie.

17.  She is always up to date on the latest with celebrity pop culture and knows who is dating who, even before we do!

18.  She has a green thumb and is obsessed with gardening.

19.  She quit her job to take care of our grandparents when they got older, and she's been a stay-at-home mom ever since.

20.  She loves to drink Earl Grey tea.

21.  She loves to knit.

22.  She likes to sneak cupcakes at the shop and eat them while we aren’t watching.

23.  She loves brainstorming new cupcake flavors with us.

24.  She loves to play Angry Birds.

25.  She makes us smile and laugh every single day!

Mark your calendar for DC Cupcakes: Mommy’s Birthday Bash, Friday, May 11 @ 10/9c  on TLC!

Photo courtesy: Sophie and Katherine

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