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Wedding-cupcake Summertime means wedding time at Georgetown Cupcake! From May through August, we'll make cupcakes for 7-10 weddings each Saturday. We're also planning Katherine's September wedding right now and cupcakes, of course, will be the featured centerpiece of the reception. As we plan all these cupcake weddings, we wanted to share some cool ideas for incorporating cupcakes in your special day!

Cupcakes vs. a Wedding Cake
Sure, wedding cakes are more traditional, but beautifully stacked cupcakes can be just as elegant as a 5-tier wedding cake. We recommend sticking to white or ivory colored frosting for a more elegant look. If you are using fondant, try brushing it with an edible pearl luster dust or adding gold, silver, or pearl dragees for a more formal look. Coconut cupcakes and chocolate coconut cupcakes look especially elegant for wedding cupcake displays. The best part is, you can mix and match cupcake flavors easily and have a variety of flavors for your guests to choose from.

Also, you can work with your baker to come up with a beautiful monogram or symbol to stamp in fondant on top of each cupcake, to give it an extra personal touch. You can easily tie in your wedding colors to your cupcakes by adding fondant discs (with your monogram) in your wedding colors.  You can mix a little food color into your fondant to match the shade perfectly.  The best part -- cupcakes are often a less expensive alternative to traditional wedding cakes. So, if you are looking for areas to save or cut down on your budget, consider a beautiful wedding cupcake tower instead of a wedding cake. 

Mini Cupcakes as Part of Dessert Buffet
If you are planning on having a late-night dessert buffet at your wedding, mini cupcakes are the perfect addition. They are just the right size (only one or two bites) and look so elegant all lined up together on tiered platters as part of a larger dessert buffet. They are small enough so people can also try more than one dessert and not feel stuffed. We recommend mini red velvets and chocolate coconuts!

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors
Cupcakes also make wonderful wedding favors. They are the perfect, sweet, take-away gifts that everyone enjoys. You can personalize them in terms of flavor (the bride and groom's favorite flavor) and decoration (monograms) and gift-wrap them in individual boxes. 

At our bakery, we got so many requests for cupcakes as favors, we even expanded our box line for cupcakes as favors. We have single cupcake boxes, boxes that hold two cupcakes, side-by-side, and tiny boxes that hold 4 mini cupcakes. We use our signature pink boxes, but you can also purchase clear plastic single cupcake boxes at your local craft store, and these are cool because you can see the beautiful cupcakes inside. You can tie them up with ribbon to match your wedding colors and tie on a small card to each box with a special note for your guests, thanking them for coming or wishing them "Sweet Dreams" as they head home for the evening!

We’ll be sure to share photos from Katherine’s wedding — where there will be a TON of cupcakes — everywhere!!

Elegant wedding cupcakes taste delicious and look beautiful in photographs! (Image credit: Dayna Smith/ImageSmith)

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