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Stuffed-cupcake Of all the cupcakes that we make in our shop, some of the mot popular ones are the cupcakes that have a special filling inside. Stuffing your cupcakes with a filling is really easy, and it can put a fun twist on a regular flavor like chocolate or vanilla -- and turn it into something special!

It's very easy to stuff cupcakes. First, make sure your cupcakes are completely cool once they come out of the oven. Then, use an apple corer to remove the centers of your cupcakes. Be careful not to pierce through the cupcake wrapper. Then, squeeze in your favorite filling using a small squeeze bottle. Fill the cupcakes all the way to the top, and then frost them on top!

Here are some of our favorite cupcake and filling combos:

CUPCAKE                                        FILLING
Chocolate                                        Hot fudge
Chocolate                                        Warm peanut butter
Chocolate                                        Melted marshmallow
Chocolate                                        Warm caramel
Chocolate                                        Chocolate ganache
Vanilla                                             Buttercream
Vanilla                                             Strawberry preserves
Vanilla                                             Vanilla pudding
Vanilla                                             Chocolate ganache
Lemon                                             Lemon curd
Banana                                            Warm peanut butter
Banana                                            Hot fudge
Strawberry                                       Strawberry preserves
Strawberry                                       Hot fudge
Coconut                                           Lemon curd
Coconut                                           Hot fudge

Next time you make cupcakes at home, give these combos a try!

Chocolate cupcakes? Delicious. Chocolate cupcakes with a warm peanut butter stuffing surprise inside? A-mazing! (Image courtesy: Dayna Smith/ImageSmith)

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