Cupcake Flower Pots and Teacups? Yes, Please!


Dc-cupcakes-flower-pots Fun and Creative Ways to Serve Cupcakes

One of the most fun parts about making cupcakes is figuring out a way to display them in a creative and whimsical way -- whether it's for a tea party, baby shower, birthday or even wedding.  There are a lot of fun things you can do to display your cupcakes to give them that extra "wow" factor -- here are a couple of fun ideas to try out at home!

Cupcakes & Flower Pots

We love serving cupcakes that are frosted to look like flowers in terra cotta flower pots.  You can find terra cotta flower pots at your local craft store in all different types of sizes.  The best part is – they are really inexpensive, so if you are throwing a party on a budget, this is a great way to combine your floral centerpieces - and dessert all into one!  First, bake your cupcakes in regular paper baking cupcakes and set them aside to cool.  Then, choose a bright "flower" color to tint your buttercream frosting.  To give your cupcake flowers an extra special touch, try swirling in 2 different food colors into your frosting to give it a marbled or swirled look.  This will create dimension in your flowers.  For example, if you want to make yellow icing, after you've uniformly mixed in your yellow food color, try swirling in some orange food color so that there are orange swirls in your yellow frosting.  Then, frost your cupcakes with a "signature swirl" using a *star* icing tip to make them look like flowers. (Wilton's icing tip #1M works well for this.)  Then, take a styrofoam ball (you can find these in the floral section of your favorite craft store) that fits snugly inside your flower pot.  Dip one half of the ball in melted chocolate, place the ball (chocolate side up) in your flower pot and cover it in crushed Oreo cookie crumbles.  Next, attach each of your Dc-cupcakes-flower-pots-2 cupcakes to the Oreo-covered "dirt" ball using wooden skewers.  Add enough cupcakes to cover the surface of the dirt.  You can even attach mini cupcakes (using toothpicks) to add a variation in flower size and give more dimension to your floral arrangement.  If your cupcakes are very moist and you are having difficultly attaching them with the wooden skewers, try popping the cupcakes in the freezer for 5-10 minutes first and they will be easier to attach.  This is a fun alternative to a floral centerpiece for a party and the best part is -- you can eat it!!

Cupcakes & Teacups

If you have oven-safe (or clay) teacups, a unique way to serve your cupcakes at tea parties or brunches is to actually bake them in your teacups!  First, be sure your teacups are oven-safe.  You don't want to crack any family fine china in the oven! ;)  Next, line up all your teacups on a cookie sheet.  Pour your cupcake batter into the teacups and place the cookie sheet in the oven for the cupcakes to bake.  Be sure to check your cupcakes with toothpicks to ensure they are done baking since they may take a little longer to bake thoroughly when baked in the teacups.  Be sure to handle the teacups with oven mitts because they will be REALLY hot!

Once the cupcakes and teacups have cooled, frost your cupcakes with your favorite icing using the signature swirl technique, decorate with your favorite toppings and place one teacup at each place setting for dessert.  Guests can enjoy these teacup cupcakes with a spoon!

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