Mommy Everyone has a unique relationship with their mother and it's something that is really personal.  We are super close to our mother and have been our entire lives.  There hasn't been a day where we haven't spoken to each other.  Even when we were away during college, we'd do three-way conference calls and the three of us would chat.

People sometimes ask us why we still call our Mother, Mommy.  It is a really interesting question because for us, we could never imagine calling her anything else. 

Calling her “Mom” or “Mum” or “Mother” or “Momma” or “Ma” would be as strange as calling her by her first name.  It just doesn't seem right.  We've been calling her Mommy forever and it's just become her name.  Everyone calls her Mommy – friends, neighbors, all the employees in the shop.  It's just how she's known.  It's her identity.  For everyone who knows her, she's just a one-name kind of woman.  Kind of like Cher or Madonna.

Like most mothers, Mommy has always been our greatest cheerleader and like most mothers, she can also drive us crazy!  She likes to “teach” and “preach” to us still even at our age and has a knack for taking subtle digs and zings at us.  But we love her more than anything. 

When we first opened Georgetown Cupcake in 2008, she was truly indispensable to us.  She kept up with us – even with our insane hours.  We needed her help and her moral support and couldn't have done it without her.  They were very trying times in the beginning.  We were getting very little sleep and burning ourselves out.  Having her there by our side really got us through those hard times. 

Now, she is working alongside us, helping us on our big projects, and assisting us in every way she can.  She'll even still pull the occasional all-nighter with us to finish our big cupcake creations to make our deadlines on time. We feel really lucky that she wants to work with us at Georgetown Cupcake.  A lot of people can't imagine working with their mother but we feel really blessed that she wants to hang out with us every day!

When people come into the bakery now, they also tell us that they call their Mothers “Mommy” too!  It is really cute and nice to know that we aren't the only ones! 

Katherine & Sophie

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Meet cupcake mavens Sophie and Katherine. Together, they launched a cupcakery that went from small business to sweet, sweeping sensation! Get their thoughts on their shop and the series here.

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