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Is Your Pet Affecting Your Love Life?


Does your romantic relationship suffer from Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus

Do you and your mate squabble over who gets to spoon with your pet at bedtime? Has your mutt mastered the art of ruining the moment? Do your intimate moments regularly draw an audience of - somewhat baffled, uncomfortable-looking - domesticated household pets?

If any of these behaviors sound familiar, then your relationship may indeed be suffering from a common syndrome known as Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus. Before you and your significant other (S.O.) reach the end of your leash, take our quick quiz below to find out how advanced your Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus syndrome is - because we can help!

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Do You Suffer Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus Syndrome? Take our quiz:

1) Does it feel like your significant other (S.O.) is having more of a relationship with your pet than with you? Do you feel like you and your S.O. are both having affairs with the same person, namely your dog or cat?


2) Does your S.O. possibly think you love your pet more than him/her? Would you rather cancel a date to take your pup to the dog park? Would you rather take in your favorite TV show on the couch with pup than shuttle yourself to a movie theatre with your S.O.?


3) Does every night feel like a slumber party? Has your pet basically taken over the bed and you allow your pet to sleep on the bed every night?


4) Does your pet get more attention (petting, love, compliments) than you or your S.O?


Pet Net Family Event 5) Do you and your S.O. compete for your pet’s attention? Do you purposefully lure your pet away from your mate so that you can cuddle with your fluff-ball, only for your mate to lure your pet away again for themselves? Does this go on for hours?


6) Has your pet taken to uncomfortably and intently staring during certain private moments?


7) Do you fight over who gets to spoon with your pooch at night? 


8) "Hi, Sweetie Pie! Hello Handsome!” When it comes to terms of endearment, is your S.O. most likely talking to the dog?


9) Might you have kicked your S.O. to the curb months ago if not for your love for his/her dog?


Your Results & Relationship Rescue Remedies!

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, then you are likely suffering from a mild to moderate case of Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus…but there’s hope for you because early detection is key! If you feel like you are constantly putting your pet before your partner, or vice versa, then it’s probably a good time for a serious come-to-Jesus on how to improve the situation.

 Just as couples with children often plan “date nights” – who’s to say you can’t apply the same tactics as pup parents? Making sure your pup gets TLC is certainly a top priority, but don’t let it get in the way of quality time with your partner as well. To get things back on even ground, you’ll need to rejuvenate with patience, dedication and mutual consideration for each other.

 As well, consider planning activities you can both enjoy as a couple as well as with your pup, like going on a weekend hike or enrolling in an obedience or agility class. Lastly, letting your pet sleep on your bed from time to time certainly has strong emotional benefits for you and your pet and can strengthen your pet-parent bond, but it can also can amp up human/canine power struggles, and noisy or pushy dogs can keep you from getting a good night's rest.  So it is important to candidly look at the risk/reward of this equation and decide what is ultimately best for your relationship.

My Score

How'd you do in the quiz? I actually answered a resounding YES to four of the questions - how about you? Does your relationship suffer from Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus? 

For additional advice on how to overcome Fido & Fluffy Disruptus-Interruptus , visit our friends over at Pawnation.com


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