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Chews Wisely: Tips for Healthy Pet Chompers


Pedigree DentaStixMind Those Canines!

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is an easy way to add years to their lifespan.  

Periodontal disease is the number one preventable health problem for small dogs and you can start minding those canines today with some simple steps toward a lifetime of great dental health --  whether it’s a new pup in the home or a senior pet.

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1. Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Dental Health: Check their teeth and gums regularly. Healthy canine and feline teeth are white, so discolored teeth indicates that something isn’t right. Red, swollen or bleeding gums also require attention, as do loose teeth. Bad breath in adult dogs and cats isn’t normal and usually indicates a problem with your pet’s dental health. PetzLife Oral Care Spray is a natural remedy in liquid form designed to help reduce bad breath and mouth odors in dogs and cats. 

2. Fight Tartar Build Up: Quality dental chews, such as Pedigree's DentaStix, remove tartar and plaque and keep her teeth healthy and strong. Raw beef marrow bones (not cooked) can also keep your dog’s teeth free of tartar as the gnawing motion scrapes ‘gunk’ off your dog’s teeth. Other favorite long-lasting plaque fighting chews include Braided Bully Sticks and Flossies Dog Chews - which actually massage the gum line and remove tartar. Raw carrots work too!

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3. Brush Regularly: Regular brushing with a special pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste is an important part of preventive dental care. Small pet toothbrushes allow you to get comfortably inside their mouth to clean. Be patient and gentle introducing this new routine into your pet’s life.

4. Visit Your Vet Regularly: If your pet has serious dental problems, we recommend a visit to your vet for an evaluation. You veterinarian can perform extractions if necessary and treat gum infections caused by bacteria. 


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