Top 25 New Years Resolutions For Dogs



If your pet could make a list of New Years Resolutions for 2013, what would be on their list? We humans create lengthy lists of self-improvements and grandiose goals we hope to accomplish in the new year….but what about our pets?  What goals might they have?

Based on feedback from my Daily Treat lab assistants Lulu Schmoo, Kiki and Zazou, here are the resolutions they’ve got on tap for 2013…some of which I just might have to add to my list! For even more fun New Years Resolutions for Pets, check out Animal Planet's 'official' pet resolutions!

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The Daily Treat's Top 25 New Years Resolutions

  1. Don't discriminate. Be more accepting of others -regardless of differences (See Exhibit A, above)
  2. Live in the moment.
  3. Do something nice for someone you barely know
  4. Eat more good food.
  5. Whine less, bark more.
  6. Take up Doga.
  7. Reduce ingestion of cat poop to once monthly.
  8. Devote more time to quality napping.
  9. Avoid extracting dog toy-squeakers so quickly - relish the squeaker a bit longer before excising it from toy
  10. Find a soulmate on Petfinder.
  11. Schedule more “me” time.
  12. Contact my birthparents.
  13. Learn new tricks.
  14. Achieve advanced degree in counter surfing.
  15. Stop wearing emotions on tail.
  16. Be more selective in crotch sniffing endeavors.
  17. Remodel the doghouse.
  18. Have friends over more often.
  19. Find out where trash man is taking (stealing) all our trash.
  20. Even the score with neighborhood skunks.
  21. Log more couch-time vs. floor-time.
  22. Run after the ball only after it’s actually been thrown.
  23. Re-organize the toy bin.
  24. Send more happy vibes into the universe. 
  25. Eat more good books.

Did we forget anything? Share your pet's resolutions in the comments below and here's wishing you and your animals a very happy and healthy 2013! 

 - Janet, Lulu, Kiki, Zazou

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