Guinea Pigs

Today we present Guinea Pig Glam (SRSLY.)


Barking Baby Beach Hats

Critter couture at an entirely new level

Last month, while attending the enormous pet industry tradeshow Superzoo 2009, I had the pleasure of running into creative creature couture designer Marilyn Hikida of Barking Baby. Specializing in designer accessories for furry fashionistas large and small, Marilyn has a creative eye and is especially talented at creating miniaturized versions of current and vintage fashions for dogs, cats ... and, well, others.

My favorite Barking Baby line has always been her over-the-top doggie hat collection, particularly her mini Jackie-O tweed pillbox hats. They are REE-diculously cute and while most pets have absolutely no reason (or desire) to wear a Pillbox or Boho Glam J. Lo Hat, they are just plain fun, period.

Barking Baby Fiesta Hats

Guinea Pig Glam?

Some of these itty bitty Barking Baby hats are indeed so small, that some of them look like they might be better suited for Barbie, Skipper or some other creature with an extremely small noggin ... like a Guinea Pig. Yes. That's right, a Guinea Pig. According to Ms. Hikida, a very involved mother of six cuddly Guinea Pigs recently snatched up thousands of dollars worth of teensy hats for her posse of piggies, and then had them professionally photographed.  I present to you the resulting photos.

Barking Baby Straw Hat with Beads

While the entire notion of this is so wrong in so many ways, you cannot deny that these pictures are cuter than a fat country baby eating  peaches on a hardwood floor. That said, enjoy!

You can find the whole collection of Barking Baby hats at

P.S. I would like to know is where on earth one finds a hammock sized for Guinea Pigs? Anyone?

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