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Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers


What a Dog Wants!

Just in time for the howl-idays, we've sniffed around town and handpicked the most fetchingly fresh and fun gifts for the dogs and dog lovers on your holiday shopping list!

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1) The Gift of Peace of Mind: Tagg-The Pet Tracker -- GPS Tracking for Dogs!

307202_Base_Device_3_4_Pkg_WIf you've ever lost a pet you know how traumatic it can be and Tagg - The Pet Tracker is designed so that pet parents won't have to worry about losing their beloved companion again! Years in the making, Tagg - The Pet Tracker is an advanced pet tracking device equipped with GPS that simply attaches to your pets collar and allows you to see where your dog is. You actually receive an email or text notification if your pet wanders outside your designated "safe zone." Brilliant! For pricing packages and to learn more, visit

Tagg The Pet Tracker


2) Holiday Om Nom Noms: Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats

These all-natural gingery dog biscuits bring my Daily Treat associates running every time they hear me crack open the box! In fact, they smell so good I am tempted to try one myself! These tasty and wholesome biscuits will definitely give your dog something to sing about this holiday season! $6.45 at

Holiday Dog Treats


3) Great Dog Lover Gift: Woof! Treat Jar

A perfect place to store your Buddy Biscuits! Our friends over at Crate and Barrel have expanded their offerings for pets this holiday season and this clean, simple and simply darling Woof! Treat Jar is sure to be a welcome addition to any home. Priced at only $19.95 it's easy on the wallet too!



4) It's Half Past Buster: Personalized Pet Gift Clock 

What pet lover wouldn't love to commemorate their pet with this darling custom keepsake clock by JoAnn Shorter, aka The Clock Lady!? The Clock Lady can use any photo you like, whether it be of your dog, cat, kids, mom, dad or whomever -- and then she creates a fantastic kaleidoscopic effect with the photo. The clock shown below was made using a funny picture  of my Daily Treat staffer, Zazou, balancing both a roll of Charmin and a martini on his head.  Isn't it awesome? To order or learn more visit

Personalized Pet Gift


5) For the Designer Doggy Diner: Jonathan Adler Chevron Dog Bowl Mat

Protect floors from four-legged food-flingers with added flair! This vibrant and fun placemat featuring the classic chevron pattern is designed by none other than Jonathan Adler, designer of all things cheeky. Pair it with one of Adler's classic ceramic bowls to make it a fun set.  $12.95 at

  Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 6.07.00 PM

6) Crunchingly Good Times: Holiday Bottle Buddy Tough Dog Toy

Our official product testers at The Daily Treat absolutely LOVE these toys AND they are super durable! This cute, plush, eco-friendly penguin toy can be stuffed with recycled water bottles for a fun and eco-conscious toy. Dogs certifiably love the crinkling sound of the replaceable water bottle, providing hours of fun. A perfect way to reuse plastic bottles that would otherwise be added to overflowing landfills. $11 at

Best Dog Toy Gift Penguin Bottle Buddy


7) Cool Lifestyle Dog Collars for Any and Every Dog Lover on Your List

Whether you are shopping for a dog lover who is a muscle car fanatic,  anime addict, tattoo artist, super man or batman fan, fast-food addict or Grateful Dead-head, the folks at Buckle-down Dog collars have got you covered! Dancing donuts dog collar? Check.  Superman dog collar? Check. Mustache-themed dog collar? Check. You want personalized or random - they've got it! Starting at $24.95, check out their collection of cool dog collars at or at

Cool Designer Dog Collars Dog Lover Gift


8) Sojo's Gourmet Dog Treats for Big Dogs

Aside from the darling box that these treats are packaged up in, we like them even more because Sojo's made them wheat & corn-free and they come in two hearty recipes. $5.99 at


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