What A Dog Actually Driving A Car Looks Like [VIDEO]



Meet Porter, The World's First Driving Dog

Dogs work as shepherds, lead the blind, and conduct search and rescue missions. And now it looks like they could be grabbing chauffeur jobs as well!

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To show how incredibly smart and adaptable shelter dogs can be, New Zealand's SPCA taught three of them to drive a car. The site drivingdogs.co.nz redirects to a Facebook page showing the dogs behind the wheel, and explaining how they were trained.

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 7.44.09 PM

The car, a Mini Cooper, was modified for "paw" control and the brake and accelerator are up high, just off the steering wheel. The shifter and steering wheel were padded to make it easier for the dogs to control the vehicle. The intention of the program is to show that dogs are smart creatures and can be trained to do many things with proper guidance. 

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Watch as adorable shelter pup Porter, filmed on a closed course, successfully drives the car up the straight, around one corner, then bringing it to a stop, all the way distinguishing directions for using the shifter, turning the wheel, and hitting the brake!

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