11 Ways To Wear A Dog Scarf in 11 Seconds


The first, and possibly last Dog Scarf Tutorial

Nothing adds holiday flair to an outfit like a festive scarf. The YouTube video "25 Ways to Wear A Scarf in 4.5 Minutes" has more than 15 million views, and offers up a plethora of creative ways to sport a scarf  - which got me to thinking....

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For those of you whose dogs are unclear on how to tie their holiday scarf for optimal fashion and flair, behold the first-ever tutorial on the multitude of ways to properly wear a dog scarf. You're welcome.

Zazou's fun holiday dog scarf comes from Muttropolis.com.

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1) The Collegiate

The collegiate


2) The Ascot

The Ascot


3) The Starlet

The engenue


4) The Jar Jar Barks

Jar jar binks


5) The Side Pony

  Side pony


6) The Baby Babushka

The Baby Babushka


7) The Jackie O

 The jackie o


8) The 'Do You Ear What I Ear?'

 Do You Ear What I Ear


9) The Vermeer

The Vermeer


10) The Windswept



11) The Bo Peep

The Bo Peep


-Janet McCulley

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