What Is Your Pet Thankful For Today?


Thankful Dogs
What is your pet thankful for today?


With Thanksgiving just hours away, it's important to step away from the stove (...or microwave)  and remember that Thanksgiving is really about expressing gratitude for the goodness in our lives..in addition to bickering with family members, consuming obscene amounts of food and slipping into a food coma by 5pm.

As we reflect on the goodness in our own lives, it's fun to think about what our pets might be thankful for this Thanksgiving season!

11 Things My Dogs are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

To find out what my Daily Treat research assistants  -- Lulu, Zazou & Kiki --  (pictured below) might be thankful for this season, we *snuck a peek* in their gratitude journals this week and here’s what we discovered they are thankful for...any of this look familiar? What do you think your pets are thankful for?

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Thanksgiving Dogs
Happy Thanksgiving from The Daily Treat

From the Gratitude Journal of Zazou, Lulu & Kiki: "Things we are thankful for"

1) The wonderment that is the family room couch

2) Morning cuddle time when everyone first gets up

3) The dirty clothes basket

4) Petfinder – for bringing us together

5) Dirty dishes for us to prewash in the dishwasher

6) For the many porcelain petting stations in the house.

7) Houseguests who are messy eaters and drop food all over the floor

8) Squirrels

9) The mysterious delicacy that is cat poop 

10) Warm clothes straight out of the dryer

11) Foul-smelling things for us to roll in

Do any of these sound familiar?  If your pet had a gratitude journal, what might it say? Share your comments below or on our Animal Planet Facebook Page!

Here's wishing you and your loved ones, furry, feathered, hairy or otherwise, a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with laughter, family and friends - and above all gratitude! Cheers from your friends at The Daily Treat {Zazou, Lulu-Schmoo, Kiki and Janet McCulley}

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