The 6 Craziest Fish Tanks Ever. Period. [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 4.41.49 PMHow far will some people go to bring the magic of sea-life into their homes or businesses? If you're Tracy Morgan, Neil Patrick Harris or a certain home owner who built their entire house around a fish tank - then the answer is that too far is never far enough!

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For Wayde and Brett, co-owners of Tank Manufacturing , an aquarium manufacturing company that produces the most outrageous, larger-than-life and one-of-a-kind tanks around - no job is too large or outlandish. They've created tanks to look like pyramids, spheres, phone booths, cars, kegs, the female anatomy and much more. 

Here are my top six pics for the most over-the-top fish tanks ever!

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1) Neil Patrick Harris' Houdini Tank


2) Tracy Morgan's Basement Shark Tank


3)  Skateboard Ramp Fish Tank


4)  Fully Functioning Beer-keg Fish Tank


5) A Megachurch Entrance Tank


6) Home in Scotland Built Entirely Around Fish Tank Column

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