New Facebook Page Helps Reunite Lost Sandy Pets



Pets Lost During Hurricane Sandy
Source: Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found Pets Facebook Page


As people struggle to rebuild their lives in Hurricane Sandy's wake, many have been left searching for their beloved furry family members -- dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Other people are looking for the owners of stray animals who have wandered into their neighborhoods.

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A new Facebook page called "Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets" now has over 8,000 supporters, a number that is growing by the hour. The page has dozens of photos of pets that have been lost and found. Other people are using Craigslist and the hashtag #SandyPets on Twitter.

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"People are being very proactive and number one is being aware that after a storm of this magnitude there's going to be a lot of misplaced people and animals," Pennye Jones-Napier told "The animals can be very scared and have just gotten away through fences or losing their collars because they got frightened."

Learn more how you can help at Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets on Facebook or visit the ASPCA to learn about other storm relief efforts.

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