6 Heroes Free Baby Hedgehog From Bag of Chips



baby hedgehog freed from chips
"That was a lot of freakin' work for some Ruffles crumbs..."


 Six People. Really.

A baby hedgehog who found himself stuck in a discarded potato chip bag has been released after a three-and-a-half hour rescue involving six people. 

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According to the BBC website, the poor little hedgehog crawled into an empty chip bag in North Somerset in the UK and became trapped. A local shopkeeper heard rustling noises and discovered the poor chip-seeking baby hedgehog’s plight. Not only was the hedgehog trapped in a chip bag, but he was also trapped in a fenced area.

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Thanks to the efforts of six people over the course three and a half hours, the hedgehog, now known as Crispin, was freed after they cut through the railings and were able to remove the offending crisp packet. 

"He's thriving now and will be here all winter as he's so tiny," said Jules Bishop of Prickles Hedgehog Rescue. "I want to thank all the people involved because obviously without their commitment and dedication this little hog would have had no way to survive. "He was very, very cold and dehydrated when I emptied him out of the crisp packet." 

Yay for the Hedgehog Heroes!

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- by Janet McCulley 

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