Nuts or Not? Squirrel Predicts Presidential Win




Gnocchi Goes Nuts for Mitt

Gnocchi, a prognosticating rodent named for the Italian potato dumpling, is predicting Mitt Romney to be the country's next president.  Gnocchi's predictive skills have been tested before when he was asked in 2008 to predict the outcome of the presidential election, and he picked Democratic candidate and eventual President Barack Obama. 

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A Highly Technical Polling Methodology

To determine the presidential frontrunner, Gnocchi was placed inside a cage where there were two dishes filled with walnuts. One food dish had a picture of Romney attached to it; the other had Obama's picture. Whichever bowl he ate the most nuts out of was the winner.

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When it came time to make his choice, Gnocchi, like many of the undecided voters across the nation, took his time selecting his prediction Tuesday. In all, it took about 20 minutes until he chose the dish of nuts with Romney's mug attached to it.

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