10 Genius Pet Costumes of 2012 [PHOTOS]


Nearly 500 festooned canines and their owners donned elaborate costumes for the famous annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade this past weekend in New York City. There was a doggie Don Draper, a pooch Princess Beatrice, and a bulldog runaway bride, among other adorable costumed canines.

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Here are our top favorites!

source: Huffington Post & Buzzfeed

 1) FDNY Fire-truck Corgi

  Corgi Fire Truck Halloween Costume


2) Canine Wedding Cake

Dog dressed as wedding cake


3) Pin-cushion - LOVING the thimble chapeau!

Funny Halloween Dog Costume - Pin Cushion


4) Pile of Leaves Pooch

Funny Dog Costume - Pile of Leaves


5) ET Dog - The moon is brilliant!

ET Funny Dog Costume


6) Mars Rover, Rover

Mars Rover Dog Costume


7) Dog Draper of Mad Men fame

Mad Men Funny Dog Costume


8) NYC Metro Transit Bus

Funny Dog Costumes Halloweem - Bus


9) New York City Sightseeing Bus

  Funny Dog Costumes - NYC Bus


10) Evita Pug

Pug dressed as Evita

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