How Will You Celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day?


funny hairball cat lolcatToday, we honor hairballs everywhere.

While I am not entirely certain of who can lay claim to the creation of National Hairball Awareness Day which is officially on April 27 (def not Hallmark), the idea behind it is to recognize and take steps to eliminate hairballs in cats. Hairballs are more than an inconvenience for cat owners: they cause great discomfort and irritation in our cat companions. 

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Hairballs are a bummer for cats and can cause vomiting, loss of appetite and constipation in your kitty.  Spare your cat from these problems by following these handy guidelines. Learn more about important cat grooming at Cats 101:

1. Brush your cat daily, especially while she's shedding, to help prevent hairballs from forming in the stomach.

2. Use a bristle or rubber brush for shorthaired cats.

3. Brush longhaired felines with a wide-toothed comb or wire slicker brush. Furminator is a favorite. Find it at or

4. Feed your cat a "hairball control" cat food high in vegetable fiber, or administer a commercial hairball prevention preparation available from your veterinarian or at pet stores.

Did I forget anything? Add your suggestions below!

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