Dog 'Lifeguard' Rescues Pup: Sweet or Shameful? [VIDEO]


dog lifeguard heroExploitation? Watch and decide for yourself!

A seemingly sweet video featuring a dog whose motherly instincts kick-in when her pup struggles to stay afloat in a swimming pool has stirred up quite a bit of controversy this week, as viewers are questioning how the pup ended up in the pool in the first place. At first glance of the video, its easy for your heart to melt as you watch the obviously distressed mother dog creatively figure out how to get her pup out of the pool.  

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However, upon watching it the second time around --  it becomes apparent that this video was staged at the expense of the poor dogs. For instance:

1) There is an obvious big splash in the center of the pool when the pup is first seen struggling. Why the splash? The pup was likely thrown in the pool. Shameful.

2) Why are people laughing like idiots in the background?  Shameful.

3) Why is someone taping the incident, instead of helping the pup? Shameful.

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What do you think about this video? 


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