Cat Massage Therapists Take Job Quite Seriously [VIDEO]


Who says that only dogs have working breeds?  Check out these hard-working felines working their massage therapy magic on some unsuspecting and highly relaxed dogs! 

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Why Cats Knead You

It is a form of feline flattery when Kitty kneads you -  she’s saying she loves you. But it’s hard to feel flattered when your cat’s bared claws are digging into your lap. Some cats sheath their claws while kneading, but if yours doesn’t, keep her nails trimmed so she can safely continue to let you know that you’re her favorite place to contentedly rest. Or fold a thick towel and place it on your lap so Kitty can perch there and knead away, sparing your favorite jeans. If the cat’s kneading is too bothersome for you, encourage her to sit elsewhere to knead. Never punish a cat for kneading, a natural, instinctive activity that brings her only enjoyment. Learn more nifty kitty facts at Cat Health 101 >

1)  Garden View Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Session



2) Guilty Pleasures Massage With Creepy Cat


3) Zen Massage Kitty Puts Pug To Sleep

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