A Pet Rabbit is For Life, Not Easter


Some Hare-Raising Facts to Make You Think Twice...

CA190.20251530-1-xDid you know that rabbits require the same amount of care and attention as a dog or cat? Unfortunately, many well-meaning people give a live animal as an Easter "present" on a whim, but in a few weeks, they realize they've made a mistake. Local shelters are inundated with bunnies, ducklings and chicks right after Easter, and many wind up being euthanized. In fact, as of this writing - even before Easter, Petfinder.com, has more than 5,157 orphaned bunnies waiting for their forever home, including the darling little bunny Samantha at right >!

Another misunderstanding is that rabbits can just hang out in a small hutch all day. Wrong! A standard pet shop hutch, even with a 'run' attached, simply does not provide sufficient space for a rabbit to thrive. Bunnies require lots of space to run, play and dig and yet still be safe from predators and they also crave companionship. Learn more about the care of rabbits at Animal Planet's Pets 101.

If you do feel you can provide the level of care they deserve, please don't buy from a pet shop.
Instead, adopt from a rescue centre and give abandoned rabbits a second chance for a happy life. Check out Petfinder.com or visit the BunnyWorldFoundation to learn more about the care and feeding of bunnies.


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