Top 10 Weirdest Pet Names


Jackson fro Beetle Juice Monster Pants, Sit!  Beetle Juice Monster Pants, Shake!

In an effort to pay homage to those that take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, Banfield Pet Hospital, the world's largest veterinary practice,  pulls from its patient database of over 780 hospitals to identify the oddest mutt monikers and this year's crop certainly did not disappoint.

The resulting list turns out to be a mix of puns, nods to feigned royal lineage, and lots of vague references to various foodstuffs. 

What do you suppose Beetle Juice Monster Pants did to deserve that name? Poor guy - I can just imagine the taunts at the dog park.

Top 10 Wierdest Pet Names of 2011 According to Banfield Pet Hospital:

  1. Fatty Mcbutterpants
  2. Sir Goose Slobberalot
  3. Beetle Juice Monster Pants
  4. Chairman Meow
  5. Honey’s Lil Midnight Moonshine
  6. Lord Godrick Von Mousenberg
  7. Emperor Chewy Teddybear
  8. Cookie Fudge Rainbow
  9. Baron Von Doodle
  10. Alyssa Butter Scooch 

Are there any super weird pet names that aren't on this list? Share your oddball names in the comments below!

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