Why Your Cat May Be Making You Crazy


6a00d8341bf67c53ef0168e6842843970c-800wiCrazy Cat Person Syndrome Finally Explained?

Evolutionary biologist Jaroslav Flegr at Charles University in Prague is quickly gaining credibility with his research on the debilitating effects of exposure to cat poop. Toxoplasma is caused by a parasite found in cat feces, which is why pregnant women have been advised by medical professionals to stay away from cats since the 1920’s. 

Flegr, an evolutionary biologist and parasitologist, has studied the effects of Toxoplasma gondii in humans. After noticing some strange patterns in his own behaviour — not perceiving danger in dangerous situations, which can be a hallmark of the manipulation — Flegr was tested to see if he was infected. He was.

[Think you are a crazy cat lady? Take our quiz]

According to Flegr, the presence of the Toxoplasma parasite can cause a variety of behavioral changes in humans that are exposed, including changes in the way those individuals trust and interact with others and even their preference for certain scents. 

Flegr also asserts that the effects of Toxoplasma can even contribute to behaviors that lead to car crashes, even suicide and other mental disorders. 

Is your cat maybe making you crazy?  Take our unofficial, non-santioned, non-scientific quiz! 

1. Are you talking to more strangers than usual? For example, do you find yourself meeting ten or more new people every day? 

A Toxoplasmic symptom is hyper-sociability. Women with Taxoplasma exhibited more outgoing, trusting, image-conscious, and rule-abiding behavior than uninfected women.

2.Do you find yourself suddenly taking unconventional risks? For instance, have you recently decided to take up base-jumping? Are you easily convinced to cross the street in the middle of traffic? 

significant Toxoplasmic symptom is the lack of a fear response. 

3. Does the smell of skunk no longer repel you? 

Toxoplasmic patients experience hypersensitivity toward strange smells 

4. Have you had more than one fender bender in the ten minutes? 

Subjects who tested positive for the parasite had significantly delayed reaction times. Toxoplasma might have an adverse impact on driving, where constant vigilance and fast reflexes are critical.

5. Are you a man whose social calendar suddenly and unexpectedly cleared up?

Males who had the parasite were more introverted, suspicious, oblivious to other people’s opinions of them, and inclined to disregard social cues. 

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