In-Bread Cats Taking Over Internet


Cat + Slice of Bread = Walking Sandwich?


You've got breaded chicken breast, breaded steak and breaded zucchini - but breaded cats?  Thanks to the cat lovers of the world with too much time on their hands, and our friends over at Gawker, there is a yet another redonkulous way to humilate your cat by simply employing one slice of gluten-free product.

"Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich"

In 2010 there was Stuff on My Cat - a site dedicated to the activity of placing random (and ideally lightweight) found objects on a sleeping cat or nearly asleep cat. The new trend of "in-breading cats" is essentially a modern twist on pimping your unsuspecting cat and it has exploded in recent months, with the official Facebook page "Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich,"  with more than 12,000 likes as of this writing.

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Would your cat stand for this? Apparently hundreds of cats across the nation indeed are getting in on the in-breading act. Check out more hilarious photos at

photo source: Gawker, Matt Dennis, Lizz Spano

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