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adoptable poodle CocoPetfinder: The virtual home of 344,332 adoptable pets from 13,722 adoption groups

If you or someone you know are considering adding a pet to your family this holiday season, PLEASE think adoption first!  There are thousands of rescue groups for every dog breed around the nation and (and the free Petfinder iPhone App) is an incredible resource and makes finding the perfect pet for your family fun and easy.

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Around this time of year we get many inquiries about "..where can i find this breed of dog or that kind of cat...?" My answer? Log on to! is a virtual home hundreds of amazing cats and dogs looking for their forever homes. Searching for a specific dog breed or cat breed? No problem - Petfinder can connect you with hundreds of purebred dogs via dog breed rescue groups and animal shelters.

Learn About What to Consider Before You Adopt

Better yet, Petfinder is an incredible resource for educating yourself on how to adopt the right dog, cat or other pet, plus what to expect from the adoption process. 

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Visit today and help a homeless pet find their forever home, like darling Coco the Poodle seen above!

To download the Petfinder App, download it for free at the iTunes Store.  

Some of the benefits of pet adoption:

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