Great Dog Gift: The Perfect Dog Bed for Burrowers


trundle dog bed small dog bed

Cuddle up in a cuddle cup!

pink dog bed trundle bedDoes your dog love to burrow under the covers and blankets of your bed? Is it simply not enough for your dog to lay atop of their dog bed, but they instead require that they be under a blanket? Does your dog just live to be "tucked-in when they go nigh nigh?"

If you answered yes to any of these questions than the Trundle Burrowing Bed is the perfect pet gift for your dog this holiday! Great for dogs that are around 18lbs or less, the Trundle bed can be used as a cuddler or laid flat as a mat. In fact, I've even seen people carry their dogs around town in the cuddler like a little pouch.  Fully washable, your pooch is sure to claim this bed as their new favorite lounge spot!

Find the Trundle Burrow dog and lots of other cool small dog beds and big dog beds  at


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