Missing Dog Found 8 Years Later, 3000 Miles from Home


PetuniaPetunia's Big Adventure

Thanks to the actions of a good samaritan, a Virginia family will be reunited with their long-lost dog Petunia just in time for the holidays after she was found found nearly 3,000 miles away in rural Yuba County, California! Petunia surely has some 'splaining to do.

The good samaritan, Meg Eden, was working with her dogs in the Spenceville Wildlife Area in Yuba County last week when she found what appeared to be a stray American Staffordshire terrier and pit bull mix.

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“She was very thirsty and very hungry when I found her,” Eden told CBS13. “I’m just happy she took the right fork in the road and found me.” Eden cared for the dog overnight and then turned it in to Yuba County Animal Care Services  where the staff scanned the dog and discovered a microchip indicating that the wayward pooch was indeed registered to Kristen Pruitt of Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Hope Lost, Now Regained!

Pruitt confirmed that Petunia, had been missing since 2003 when she disappeared from their Virginia family farm a few days after Thanksgiving in 2003. The family conducted an extensive search for Petunia but sadly never located her. The best they could do was honor her memory and hope that she had survived.

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Animal Care Services is assisting the Pruitts with the process of returning Petunia to her Virginia home, and the Pruitt family plans to fly Petunia home in the next few days.

Kudos to good samaritan Meg Eden for stopping to help Petunia the wayward pooch!

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