Puppy vs. Baby Cuteness: Settle the Score Today


puppies versus babiesWho is Cuter? Help Settle The Score Once & For All 

Boxers vs briefs, cats vs dogs, Team Edward vs Team Jacob, sparkling vs still - these are epic rivalries that may never be resolved in terms of who or what is truly superior. However, there is one rivalry of utmost importance that we're settling once and for all -- and that my friends is the matter of whether puppies are cuter than babies, or are babies cuter than puppies via Animal Planet's online version of Puppies vs. Babies!

Animal Planet has received hundreds of photos in their casting call for the cutest puppy and baby in America and now it's your turn to help determine the contenders on the road to the championship!

Which Side Are You On? Get Your VOTE On Today!

Animal Planet has selected the highest rated photos from each View and Vote and put them into two bracket game match-ups -- one for babies and one for puppies. There you'll vote for winners in four elimination rounds, eventually determining the top baby and top puppy.

The parents or owners who submitted these top contenders will win $5,000!

Now go get your vote on and let's get this done!

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