Great Holiday Gifts for the Crazy Cat Lover


Looking for the perfect cat gift for the crazy cat lover on your holiday shopping list?  Look no further - we've rounded up the coolest, cutest cat gifts, cat toys and holiday cat treats for the persnickety putty-tat on your list. Whether your cat is a couch potato or a skilled hunter, we've kicked up our fave finds for felines and cat lovers this holiday season!

1) I Can Has Fortune: Organic Catnip Kitty Fortune Cookies & Takeout Box

How cute are these!?! Featuring real kitty-themed fortunes, this adoro Kitty Fortune Cookie Takeout Box by Jake & Micah is perfect for the sophisticated cat lover in your life.  These catnip fortune cookie cat toys are made with 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with 100% premium organic catnip. Starting at $17.95 at

Cat Lover Gift - Catnip Gift


2) Beat Kitty Blahs Book: 50 Games to Play with Your Cat

A great gift for the cat lover who wants to help their kitty stay active and engaged, 50 Games to Play with Your Cat offers enjoyable game ideas that are appropriate for all ages and activity levels of both cat and owner. Just like people, cats require consistent mental and physical stimulation in order to be healthy and happy and to alleviate boredom.  $13.95 at



3) Can we stalk? Frolicat Dart Interactive Cat Toy

The Daily Treat is a big fan of FroliCat products [Check out our FroliCat product review video here] and the new FroliCat DART is yet another fun and innovative product designed to keep kitties engaged and active.  The DART is an automatic rotating laser light that provides hours of fun for feline (and canine!) friends. Simply place DART on the floor, turn it on and watch the chase begin! Around $34.95 at



4) Will Work for Food: Kong Cat Wobbler Interative Cat Toy

A perfect gift for the cat lover who wants to help keep their kitty happy and healthy! The innovative new Kong Cat Wobbler is a great gift to help kitty beat boredom and even fight obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food. The Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation and makes playtime even more rewarding by dispensing small treats. It can also be used as a mealtime feeder and can slow rapid eating. $16.99 at



5) Super Kitty Canna: Pet Greens Catnip Buds

Did you know that catnip buds are the rarest and most potent form of dried catnip? Now you do! Pet Greens' Dried Catnip Buds are handpicked and packaged to ensure premium quality and freshness. Safe and non-addictive, these buds provide kitty a blissful treat any time of the day and can help stimulate exercise and play! $5.99 at

Pet Greens Catnip Buds Muttropolis Cat Gifts


6) DJ Kitteh Cat Scratch Turntable 

Check out the hook while DJ Kitteh revolves it. Watch your alley cat scratch out an original meow-mash-up on this adorable DJ Cat Scratcher Turntable! I LOVE TUNA? Hysterical! $34.99 from








7) Casual Chic Cat Neck Tie

Your furry sidekick will attract just about anyone's attention with this rocker chic necktie!
The necktie collar is both ultra-stretchy and adjustable! Around $11 at

Cat Neck Tie


8) Let 'Em Prey: The Peek-and-Play Interactive Cat Toy

One of the top-selling interactive cat toys on the market, cats absolutely love this toy as it is designed to build on cats' natural prey instinct.  Partially hide some of your cat`s favorite toys in the box and cats go crazy fishing them out! A great gift for cat owners who occasionally have to leave their cat at home alone, as this toy can keep cats occupied for hours. $23 at

muttropolis peek and play cat toy



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