Top 7 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are Infinitely More Interesting


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Top 7 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are Infinitely More Interesting

We love dogs of all walks of life and whether they’re a purebred, mix-breed, half-breed or even a half-blood, dogs have distinctively wonderful personalities that never cease to amuse and amaze. However, if you’ve ever rescued an orphaned dog from a shelter or animal rescue organization, you understand that that dog brings a certain richness of experience that other “puppies of privilege” are sometimes unable to bring to the table.

As a proud mom of three rescue dogs with questionable upbringing  (two purebreds and one mixed breed- Lulu -- at right) I am granted the joy of continually theorizing about what breed they might be, how much better I am as a parent and/or why they possess this or that mysterious behavioral quirk. 

To enumerate further on why rescue dogs make wonderful pets, heretofore is the officially unofficial list of Why Rescue Dogs Are Infinitely More Interesting:

1) They possess richness of experience: They’ve “seen some stuff,” therefore have more street cred and are often wiser for it.

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2) They can provoke an unending ‘guess my breed’ game: If you have a mixed breed, nearly every dog-loving human being that you encounter will have a theory about what breed your dog really is. It makes for great conversation unless you are in a hurry and don't feel like making small talk.

3) Possible siblings appear to be everywhere: Any dog that even remotely resembles your dog is quite possibly a sibling…right? 

PetNetLogo4) Rescue dogs are somewhat mysterious about their age: Their actual age often remains a complete mystery, especially dappled or black and white dogs who can strategically hide the grey hairs.

5) They are totally OK with you electing to pick a different birth date for them: Really – they are completely OK if you change their birthday date – just don’t forget that date or a cake once you select it.

6) Perpetual gratitude: Your rescue doggie understands and appreciates that living with you is like staying at the Ritz Carlton compared to shelter life. They are happy to have a simple, soft place to lay their head as long as you are near.

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7) They evoke joy and pride: Rescuing a dog and helping save a life fills the heart with pride in knowing you've given a creature a new chance at life, not to mention the unconditional love they give us in return.

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