Does Your Dog Stare When You're in The Restroom?


Throne watchersDoes this look familiar?

If you have dogs or cats in the house, you understand that they basically will follow you everywhere in the house...and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. No room or activity is sacred in my home and my dogs especially celebrate with great joy when anyone sits down on the couch, floor, bed or *ahem* the 'porcelain throne,' because essentially, being closer to my dogs' level physically means there's a strong chance they'll be getting some solid pets and loving time in. Right? Does this sound familiar?

Three dogs cramming themselves into a small water closet for some pets is in itself a feat, but for the last few weeks I have had five dogs staying at my home, so there were a total five "petting station" attendants vying for attention anytime anyone needed to use the facilities. It was cute at first, but got to be a bit much after a period of time (See Exhibit A at right).

In sharing my ridicoulous photo with a friend, she informed me that she too had some "throne-watchers" in the house (see Exhibit B).


How about you? Do you have "throne watchers" in the house? Share in the comments below!



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